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Offering clients a unique perspective that secures results, Vess Rusev is a professional, original, and tireless real estate agent with over 7 years of experience selling properties in Auckland.

Joining Ray White with a marketing degree and extensive international marketing experience, including management positions at global giants such as The National Geographic, Fox, and Vodafone, Vess has developed a ‘one-of-a-kind’ perspective when it comes to selling residential real estate across Auckland’s eastern suburbs.

Choosing to focus on providing a bespoke service to his clients, Vess sees a successful marketing campaign as integral to achieving an optimal price, which he accelerates by utilising Ray White’s innovative techniques and his depth of sector-specific knowledge.

Resolute to take the stress out of the sale process, investing time and energy in areas that will yield the most fruitful return on investment for his clients, Vess is direct and straight to the point, not wasting anyone's time. His strong business acumen has been developed during time spent in the European commercial and retail property market, and his trail running hobby keeps him energised and focused.

Bilingual - Vess speaks English and Bulgarian fluently, and it’s his communicative, relatable demeanour that continues to give him the cutting edge in today’s marketplace, continuously reaching for the buyers that others can’t.

Compassionate, interesting, and always evolving, Vess lives locally with his wife and two daughters, and welcomes your call to discuss the market or your property more specifically. A skilled negotiator with sharp intuition and a fresh perspective, Vess Rusev is the difference between a great and exceptional result for your property.

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